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We at Perdue Furniture are committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how we: collect, use, process, disclose, retain and protect personal information.

This Privacy applies to our services and customers, including future customers, in the United States. This describes how we may collect, use, share and keep your personal information and how we communicate with you electronically. We keep only the minimum information required, and we may get this information when you speak with a Project Manager, visit our website, or one of the social platforms we use, when you receive or reply to our electronic messages.

You may also provide this information directly to us.

1. We collect information for a purpose

We tell you the purpose of the information we collect. We collect only the customer information that we need to initiate and keep accounts, provide services, offer new products and services, share information with third party suppliers and contractors who work with us to provide our products and services, as well as to meet legal requirements and for those additional purposes to which you consent, such as distribution of promotions and newsletters. We keep this information only as long as necessary to meet the purpose.

2. Types of Information we may collect

The information we collect and retain from time to time includes, with your consent: your name, physical and electronic contact information to conduct transactions with you, including: to verify your identity; manage accounts; and communicate with you electronically. Where required to complete transactions, we collect certain tax and business identification numbers.; We also collect and retain information to provide marketing and promotional materials electronically.

We do not collect personal identity information from any websites, apps or social media unless you have specifically requested information from that site or have indicated your interest and have provided consent.

3. Your consent, choices and preferences

We observe and comply with US privacy laws. You may change or update your profile, preferences or unsubscribe to specific kinds of electronic communications, or all electronic communications. If you advise us that you wish to receive no further commercial electronic messages, or to change your preferences, please email us or phone us at the contact information below. We will record and change our electronic communications with you accordingly.

Subject to legal and contractual restrictions, you can withdraw your consent to our use of your electronic information. That means that you can tell us that we should not send you commercial electronic messages. However, if you refuse or if you withdraw your consent to communicate electronically, and we need that mode to provide the product or service, we will not be able to serve you. Please note that changing your electronic communication preferences does not alter or eliminate contractual obligations you have to Perdue Furniture.

4. Information Analysis

We use Google Analytics for general information but do not collect or upload any data that personally identifies you. We do not use cookies. For more information about how Google Analytics collects and possesses data see also (or any other URL Google may provide from time to time).

5. We do not disclose customer information

We use your customer information only for the purposes we tell you: for internal purposes to provide you services, products and/or the information requested or which you have agreed to receive. We limit internal access to the type of information required by employees to provide the service, product or information you have requested. We safeguard your information with secure technology, as well as with employee education and policies.

6. Our business relationships

We do not share information with our business affiliates, except as required to provide services, goods or information to you. This may include providing third parties with relevant personal information to, for example, customs brokers and shippers in-order-to deliver goods and services to you. We require these third parties to keep your information confidential and secure.

We may receive lists containing your contact information referred to us from trusted business affiliates with which you have a contract, such as a hotel franchisor or hotel parent company. These businesses have their own privacy policies and will get your consent before referring your name and contact information to us. We will follow up with you, and confirm your consent to receive our electronic communications, as well as to use your personal information. You may withdraw your consent to these communications at any time by contacting us, subject to any contractual or other legal obligations.

7. Your requests about your information and communications

You may contact us to review your personal information. You have a right to update and change or correct your information and preferences. You may withdraw your consent to receive electronic messages from Perdue Furniture, or you may only want to receive certain types of electronic messages.

We update this statement from time to time. You may direct your questions about Perdue Furniture’s policies on privacy by contacting:

Perdue Furniture Privacy Contact
2415 Creek Drive
Rapid City, SD 57703
Phone: +1 605-341-2101

Updated February 2024