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From blueprint to final product, we’re perfectly suited for hotel brands

Simply put, our goal as a company is simple: Do what’s right.
But, to make this a reality, we’ve established a few commitments that communicate exactly what our customers can expect.

The “No Surprises” Pledge

We guarantee that we’ll do our best to avoid unexpected costs or stock shortages that can disrupt your hotel operations. We provide trusted guidance and an outstanding experience at every stage, working quickly to find solutions if anything unexpected occurs, ideally at no extra cost.

The “Precision Timing” Promise

Perdue has expertise in FF&E design, management, fabrication and shipping and work with you to establish the best delivery timelines. We ship at your convenience to ensure on-time delivery, avoiding the headache of storing furniture too early or lacking essential pieces when you need them.

The “Perfect Purchase” Promise

We’ll take care of every aspect of your project, ensuring a seamless experience. Our expert team will keep a watchful eye over every detail, addressing any issues promptly and within budget. Trust us to find the best solutions and make it right with our “Perfect Purchase” Promise.


Doing the little things equals big things

Perdue is dedicated to taking meaningful steps toward reducing the environmental impact of our industry. Our sustainable approach, combined with a meticulous attention to detail, consistently delivers a superior product. We have taken steps towards reducing our environmental footprint by implementing a number of programs internally:



We actively seek to reduce, recycle and reuse materials whenever possible. For example, our sawdust and waste wood are collected, recycled, and repurposed in the manufacturing of briquettes.



Our wood products are responsibly sourced through sustainable forestry methods, emphasizing the use of certified forest fiber and renewable sources in our manufacturing. Our recycling programs include waste wood, cardboard, mixed paper, styrofoam, and plastics.



We reuse and recycle all wooden pallets in our warehouse. We refrain from purchasing new pallets for shipping, and any damaged or broken pallets are recycled through a local recycling depot.



We continually invest in new equipment to enhance manufacturing efficiency. Our commitment to sustainability includes waste recycling initiatives to reduce landfill impact. Additionally, we regularly update our fleet of vehicles to ensure the latest technologies are employed.


Reduced emissions

Perdue’s robust preventative maintenance program minimizes downtime and enhances the fuel efficiency of our fleet. Furthermore, we strategically organize completed orders into zones, optimizing delivery routes to maximize efficiency and minimize our carbon footprint.

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Air Land Freight

Welcome to Air Land Freight, your premier partner in the world of transportation, proudly headquartered in the picturesque city of Rapid City, South Dakota. As a leading force in the trucking industry, we specialize in providing exceptional long-haul freight services that seamlessly connect businesses across vast distances. What sets us apart is our commitment to excellence and efficiency, ensuring timely and secure transportation of goods. Moreover, we take pride in our unique capability to offer reliable backhaul solutions specifically tailored to meet the needs of South Dakota area clients. At Air Land Freight, we are more than just a trucking company; we are your trusted logistics partner dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and forging lasting partnerships.

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What we offer

Area: North America wide shipping

Equipment: Blankets and Load Bars available

Consistent: On-Payroll Long Term Drivers

Maintenance: Trucks maintained and warrantied by Ryder Service Agreement

Reliable: Truck fleet is less than 5 years old

Specialty:  Back-Haul to the South Dakota Area

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